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Vanbex Labs Q&A with Founder Lisa Cheng

Vanbex Labs Q&A with Founder Lisa Cheng
Last Friday, we held a live Q&A session with our Founder, Lisa Cheng regarding any questions around our latest re-brand announcement. Our development and organization is evolving and Etherparty will now be officially called Vanbex Labs. We would like to thank everyone who sent in their questions regarding this exciting period on our Telegram channel. It's your support that drives us to deliver best-in-class products and services.
For those who did not have a chance to join us, below are the most important recaps.

What is the meaning of Labs in the new name?
The Vanbex Labs name comes from our desire to experiment, invent and develop with blockchain technology. Labs represents a bold and ambitious expansion on our services and products.

Can you tell us more about the security token platform?
Rocket 2.0 is in response to our anticipated shift in the market, as many of you know Etherparty was created out of Vanbex.

Our expertise has always been being first movers and innovators, to this end we are creating an autonomous security token platform that business as well as institutions will be able to use to create equities, asset backed assets on the blockchain our roadmap will include features such as voting, dividends, and payback

What’s the timeframe for Rocket 2.0 to arrive, many companies are busy with STO’s already.
There is certainly a lot of activity around Security Tokens out there which is great to see, clearly there is a very strong market need for platforms build around this new trend. Rocket 2.0 is well under way and will be released in early 2019, with features built to fit specific market demand.

What do you (Lisa) and Kevin see as the vision for Vanbex?
For myself I envision Vanbex's consulting division working with larger and more global projects, that leverage our historical experience of understanding the nuances in the blockchain industry

Our Vanbex Labs division will continue producing innovative solutions by leveraging the smart contract architecture that first originated with Rocket.

When will the rebrand kick in?
Rebranding is a lot of work, but we will be launching the new website and Vanbex Labs brand in Q1 2019.

Now that Etherparty is a part of Vanbex by name does the FUEL token get another function?
We definitely wanted to make sure there was no confusion around the role of FUEL, so thanks for bringing it up!

FUEL will actually be expanding as a Utility Token. As the projects and technology services of Vanbex Labs expand, so will the use of FUEL to power these services.

Do you think potential customers are waiting for Rocket 2.0 before they commit and launch?
Great question, although difficult to answer. We are always in meetings with new potential clients, and needs and requirements quickly evolve with the market. It’s hard to say definitely that X amount of customers are waiting, but the goal of Rocket 2.0 is to evolve to meet the needs of our current and future clients.
Also how is the adaptation to different blockchains coming along?
Thanks for the question! As you likely know, we currently support Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains but have plans to expand. Right now we are considering the market fit and adoption for our next supported blockchain.

What are the plans for Vanbex reaching exchanges in India?
India is definitely a locale we have considered in the past, and continue to research into the future. We are always looking for the right exchanges to list FUEL, based on market demand and liquidity.

What is the plan or thought process for getting listed on Coinbase?
Great question. We are always exploring new exchanges for FUEL, but we need to make sure we are expanding at the right pace, into the right territories. We currently have a strong presence on Binance, which has been our focus.

We love coinbase, our relationship goes back a couple years and they have done lot for the blockchain/crypto industry. They are definitely on our radar, but we want to get the first version of Rocket 2.0 out and have them explore it.

The EU is a great market, have you thought about attending any events here?
We actually went to a ton of events over the course of 2018, some of the biggest in the blockchain space. European events are something we will look at for our attendance in the coming year.

Do you feel that you have been 100% transparent with us? If not, what are the reasons to hold things back?
Transparency is something that is extremely important to us and a we strive to keep the community informed of all the latest updates. However, our focus is always product development, which can lead to “downtime” between announcements as we work hard to build great things.

Could you elaborate on how those partnerships are coming along and what if any other partnerships are in the works?
Thanks for asking! Partnerships are something we are always pursuing, for our in-house products, clients, and business services. We are strong believers in the power of the blockchain community working together. There are several key partnerships we are working on behind the scenes, and as Vanbex Labs expands in the future expect to see news.

When do we get an updated roadmap?
An updated roadmap will be released in the near future, alongside more developments around the official Vanbex Labs rebrand.

How are Hero / Saturn coming along?
Hero and Saturn are still being explored internally from a market fit and brand perspective. Vanbex Labs is actually built to accommodate an expansion in product exploration and development, so there will be a lot more news around future products once the rebrand is completed.

How do you (Lisa) see Vanbex operating in the next few years?
That’s a tough question. The blockchain industry changes so much year-to-year. However, we are focused on keeping Vanbex at the forefront, especially when it comes to technology development. This is actually a big reason why we wanted to rebrand to Vanbex Labs, to focus on a broader set of products and blockchain tech services.

Do you have a plan on getting on Korean exchanges?
We are not exploring Korean exchanges right now, but this could change in the near future. We are always looking for new markets for our FUEL Token.

Other than the Security Token project, are there more projects in the pipeline?
That's a great question. Vanbex Labs reflects our intent to explore many new blockchain projects, including a front end API that allows different products to be built.

Recently yourself and Mr. Hobbs were making some great connections in China. Could you elaborate on how those partnerships are coming along and what if any other partnerships are in the works?
China was a very successful trip where we got to meet Canaan, our current partners, and community members. We built a relationship with Global Blockchain which is going strong today. We were also exploring the idea of operating Vanbex in China, but ultimately decided to stay in Canada.

Is a China expansion still possible in the future? Considering the importance of that market to the industry and all…
China is a market that we are certainly keeping an eye on. We will continue focusing our engagement and partnerships there. As for moving there, we have no plans for that currently.

How is the Qtum integration coming along?
Great question! Qtum was one of the partners we got to meet face to face in China. Our development team was engaged with them but had to table these integrations for now to focus on our future release. However, with the API we will then be able to support these types of partners more easily.

I'm a trader and initial participant of Etherparty pre-ICO. What I have noticed is the lack of interest, volume, and knowledge of the coin in the general public. What are you guys doing to bring more awareness to the general public?
Thank you for participating in our FUEL token sale and believing in the future of our technology. We are working to strategically bring more partners to the platform while building a dedicated infrastructure to support continuous application development. While there are a lot of loud projects in the space, our focus has always been blockchain technology and development. The truth is, a lot of our products and services are aimed at enterprise level customers, and not something we would typically be able to announce to the public.

What securities licences have you obtained or are in the process of obtaining in the future - what is the rough timeline for that?
As Rocket 2.0 will be providing software for companies to launch security tokens, our partner who has an EMD license will be the firm that facilitates the trading and selling of these assets.

What is Capiche?
Capiche is still early and we are looking at integrating them into the schedule around Q2 2019.

What’s the timeline on getting that API out? As Comet is Q1, Hero / Saturn are in the works (they will still take some time?).
The focus right now is the release of Rocket 2.0, and the API will be explored shortly afterwards. It’s a bit too early to specify a date, but we are looking at the first half of 2019.

It has been an amazing journey so far being at the fore-front of decentralized technology, and we can't wait to see what we can come up with next!
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